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Red Carpet Premiere of "Take Over Your Trap"

I had such a great time at The Landmark Theater for the screening of "Take Over Your Trap" Starring 2Chainz. I played the mistress of the Pastor played by my multi-talented friend, Sean Baker. Ladies, the men were looking so dapper if I must say so myself! I love dressing up for anything, but nothing beats any moment I get to see myself on the big screen. Dreams do come true! I am looking forward to 2016. Arent you? I keep seeing so many fresh faces on the tv screen and on magazines and I honestly can't wait for my time to come. But God's timimg is puuurfect!! I will keep working until He send me on my next adventure. If you are feeling down in any kind of way about where you are in life, remember this one thing: You are EXACTLY where The Creator needs you to be- even if its that day job you hate! There's a lesson and room for growth everywhere...

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