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Started The New Year Off With A BANG!

Well, we are two weeks into the new year and I am stoked about the possibilities, arent you? I literally spent the past two weeks not only getting organized, but shedding the holiday poundage! OMG! I was getting out of control. Now, before I pick up dessert I stop myself and say "is it really worth having to get a new wardrobe?" But enough about me and my binge eating. How are you? I am doing this new year, new me thing differently this year. No more saying what Im going to do. Im just going to do it. Thats IT! I used to call my mom or my girlfriends first thing in the morning and talk about what I needed to be doing instead of using that time to just do what i need to do. Well thats changed. I have some great news Beauties! I booked another role! And its on a cool show called "Powers" on Playstation Tv. Im only on one episode, but hey, Im so grateful! I got to work with the Star of the show Sharlto Copley and he was not only handsome, but sooo talented! Cant wait for it to air. Ill keep you guys posted!!Have a great weekend!


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