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Well I am going back to my ex-boyfriend again! Yep, you heard it from me first. I kinda split from theater for a little while and have been focused on film and television. But I must say, that good ole' theater has never left my heart! I mean he is so genuine and real and in the moment! Whats a girl to do? No but seriously, I am a part of an amazing cast and we are coming to the theater near you! On August 27th, 2016 we will be performing "BLACK JAZZ" at the Marietta Square's, Theater in the Square.

BLACK JAZZ tells the stories of everyday people with relationship struggles. Is social media ruining our relationships? Are women too promiscuous these days and not taking the time to get to know suitors before hopping into bed? Can a married man be faithful in a world that promotes sex like toothpaste?? Well, you get my drift. Come check us out next Saturday and see for yourself AND enjoy LIVE jazz music. Perfect date night idea- for those of you who still date! (insert shade here). Go to for tickets and ill see you next Saturday!!



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