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Meet Pamela Erin Ricardo, a Certified Life, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach with a passion for empowering women mentally and physically. With over 15 years of experience as an Actress and a background in personal training, Pamela's journey has been one of resilience and personal growth.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Pamela faced her fair share of challenges. Growing up with five brothers, two of whom are now deceased, she experienced a strained family life and endured bullying in high school. However, Pamela refused to be defined by her circumstances. Instead, she turned to her love for reading and writing, finding solace and inspiration in books and movies. It was during this time that Pamela discovered her passion for the arts, ignited by Jasmine Guy's portrayal of Whitley Gilbert in the 90s sitcom "A Different World." Although she didn't initially believe her dream could become a reality, Pamela knew she was meant to entertain and captivate audiences.


Throughout her late teens and early 20s, Pamela worked tirelessly in multiple jobs to support herself. In 2007, an opportunity presented itself when she was approached about a career in acting. With no prior experience, she took on her first stage play and never looked back. Pamela's acting credits include a recurring role on two seasons of BET's "The Quad" alongside Anika Noni Roseand her acting idol Jasmine Guy, CMT's "Still The King" starring Billy Ray Cyrus, and The CW's hit television series "The Vampire Diaries."


Pamela earned her signature nickname, "Pamela The Beauty," after winning the 2009 Miss Black Manhattan USA Pageant in New York City. Her platform, "Chase Your Dreams," remains a driving force in her life. It was through this pageant experience that Pamela gained self-confidence, developed her public speaking skills, and discovered her passion for empowering other women. Alongside her acting career, Pamela found fulfillment in fitness and became a personal trainer. Her clients' transformative results not only gained her recognition in the fitness industry but also revealed the profound impact of mindset shifts on their overall well-being.


Today, Pamela has dedicated her life to empowering women mentally and physically. Recognizing that her clients were not only excited about physical transformation but also deeply moved by the mindset shifts they experienced, Pamela embraced the role of a Life Coach. Drawing upon her diverse skill set, she strives to bring out the best in every woman she encounters. Pamela firmly believes that we all have a unique story that can empower us rather than hold us back. She is passionate about helping women harness the power of their own narratives to create lasting positive change.


Join Pamela on a transformative journey where she combines her expertise as a Life, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach with her personal experiences as an Actress and empowered woman. Together, you'll unlock your true potential, embrace a growth mindset, and build a foundation of strength, both mentally and physically. It's time to rewrite your story and embark on a path of empowerment.


Keep your eyes on your own paper.


Don't worry about what your neighbor is doing.

Trust and believe that you hold all the keys to your success. There is no blueprint for greatness.  Write your own story and make it a great one!" 


-Pamela "The Beauty" Ricardo



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