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Pamela Erin Ricardo is a Certified Life, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach. She has also spent the last 15 years of her life as an Actress. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Pamela grew up with 5 brothers, two now deceased. She had a strained family life and a very troubling experience dealing with bullying in high school. Once told "too smart for the grade she was in," Pamela knew she was not a victim of her circumstances. Reading and writing were her best friend. She spent her childhood in isolation, memorizing movies and writing down everything she learned from books she would read. Pamela's love of the arts came to her after watching Jasmine Guy portray Whitley Gilbert in the 90's sitcom "A Different World." Pamela didn't know she could make the dream a reality, but she definitely knew she was meant to perform and entertain


She spent most of her late teens and early 20’s working multiple jobs to make ends meet for herself and it wasn’t until 2007 that she was approached about a career in acting. She did her first stageplay with no prior experience and hasn’t looked back since. Some of her credits include a recurring role on two seasons of BET’s “The Quad” starring Anika Noni Rose, CMT’s “Still The King” starring the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus, and The CW’s hit television series “The Vampire Diaries.” 


Her signature nickname "Pamela The Beauty" comes from winning the 2009 Miss Black Manhattan USA Pageant in New York City.  Her platform remains to this day, "Chase Your Dreams." It was at this very pageant that Pamela gained her self confidence, love of public speaking and her desire to empower other women. While she pursued her acting career she found a passion for fitness and became a personal trainer. Her clients results gained her notoriety in the fitness industry and, most importantly, gave Pamela a sense of fulfillment that she never felt before. 

Today, Pamela has dedicated her life to empowering women mentally and physically. She learned that while her fitness clients were getting in shape, they were more excited about the mindset shift it took to get there. This empowered Pamela to become a Life Coach and to use all of the skills she possesses to bring out the best in every woman she meets. She believes we all have a story and we owe it to ourselves to use that story to empower us - not hold us back. 


Keep your eyes on your own paper.


Don't worry about what your neighbor is doing.

Trust and believe that you hold all the keys to your success. There is no blueprint for greatness.  Write your own story and make it a great one!" 


-Pamela "The Beauty" Ricardo



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