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Thanks For Keepin' Up With Pammy!

Hey Beauties! Thanks for stopping in. So here's the 411 on life. So.. I booked my dream tv show The Vampire Diaries and it aired on October 29th, the Halloween episode at that! Won't HE Do It! That experience taught me so much and boy what a pleasure to be around such a talented bunch. They were so stunning and sweet I just didn't want to ever leave! Also, I booked a Guest Star role on Discovery I.D's Homicide Hunter! So far so good this year and I also got a chance to Co-Star in a film with one of my favorite Rappers 2Chainz! Hello! It will be out next week I will keep you all posted.Gods got a plan for us all, and I am excited about the next stop on my journey. Peace and Blessing sweeties. Here's to more success in 2015-it aint over yet!

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