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Something Wicked is Going On!

Something wicked this way comes! Not only is that a great quote from Macbeth and a great film that went through hell to actually be made, but it is also an Amazing Film Festival here in the southeast. I don't know about you, but my favorite childhood memories are from Halloween. From playing dress up to scaring myself to death with Freddy Kruger movies I was the Ultimate Scream Queen (in my mind). I actually thought Elvira was a real witch and swore I was one too after falling in love with "Teen Witch." To this day I still have that aspiration and had my swing at shooting a horror short film called "Restricted Diet," Directed by Actress Candace Mabry and Written by Kevin Powers. It will be screening at the festival Sunday, August 15 so if you're in town, please come by and watch the many films screening! Ill also be doing the Q&A sessions after each of the films being shown over the weekend. August is jam packed with amazing things. Two movie bookings and some great feedback from CD's so far though! Much like "Something Wicked This Way Comes," a career in Entertainment may have its terrible rough patches, but the ups are UP-you just have to be patient. Anything worth having is worth waiting for! Til next time ghouls and gals!! Ticket info below!



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